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The fastest and most effective way to improve your horse’s intestinal health and function

A 21 day program to:

  1. Re-set your horse’s hind gut fermentation and pH
  2. Support your horse’s desired intestinal immune response
  3. Provide anti-inflammatory activity for the intestine

In just 21 days or less use EquiVision’s Hind Gut Health Program to:

  • Improve your horse’s attitude towards work
  • Support normal digestive function in horses with a history of chronic colic
  • Support normal consistency of your horse’s manure
  • Improve your horse’s ability to maintain desired body condition
  • Support normal insulin sensitivity
  • Support your horse’s desired energy level and stamina
  • Improve your horse’s lateral flexion (a horse with an inflamed intestine cannot flex freely)

The Hind Gut Health Program comes conveniently pre-packaged in an easy to carry box with a daily check list to help you feed or dose the correct product in the correct amount to achieve optimal effectiveness.

The Hind Gut Health Program includes ADR Paste, ADR Powder and Fish Oil Factor.

NOTE: Works in 21 days but contains 30 servings of product.

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    21 day hind gut program

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 10th 2019

    I rescued a cross bred large pony last August. We treated stomach ulcers and hind gut ulcers only to have them return. Am now on maintenance after the 21 day program ... so far so good and I am thrilled. Now he can concentrate so he can learn his new life work ....low level dressage and pleasure riding. Thank you for developing this product. Just a huge thank you!

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    Posted by Heather L on Aug 7th 2019

    I had been struggling with Hondo for months trying to get weight on him. We used him hard March through June, but still, with the amount I was trying to feed him he should have been putting weight on. For starters, he had all the alfalfa he could eat and was also turned out on grass. I fed him several different grains from oats to senior feed. I tried multiple fat supplements on him. Nothing was putting weight on him. I also started noticing how itchy he seemed all the time. He would do a funny head thing where he twisted his head out and chewed on the bit. He always seemed uneasy about being saddle, worked, and rode in general.
    My biggest concern with him was his diarrhea every time you rode him and more often then not when he was in a stall. I learned about leaky gut syndrome and the 21 day hind gut program that Stride offered. I decided I needed to try it.
    Hondo is now a different horse after 30 days. He’s not at all itchy. He’s quiet and most impressive, he doesn’t have diarrhea now. Also, Hondo stops hard now. Before the program, you had to really pull him into the ground to get him to stop decent. Now he will stop like cow horse without touching his face.
    The proof is also in the pictures!
    Thank you Brittany for helping me get his feed changed around and helping me get him on the right program!

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    Posted by Mary B on Jul 22nd 2019

    My Bentley has been through ulcer treatments, hind gut prescription treatments, and we still were having issues. He would rear, he would bite, and he would kick out when brushed on his belly. We started him on the 21 day Hind Gut Program and by day 5 the trainer called and said whatever you are doing with him nutrition wise - keep doing it! By day 5 I almost have a new horse! Thank you for helping me find an actual solution to my horse's problem. I cannot thank you enough for your amazing program. THANK YOU!

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    Firm Believer in this Program!

    Posted by Taylor on Jul 19th 2019

    After reading testimonials for Stride products I decided to invest in the 21 day hindgut program. My horse was sensitive around his belly, not filling out even though he was eating high quality grain and hay, and over all just not looking as well as he should. These products turned him around so quickly I couldn’t believe it! Not only does he look phenomenal, his attitude is drastically changed as well. I’m a firm believer that this system is the key to a happy and healthy horse!

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    Wonderful Product

    Posted by Marissa Burger on Jul 12th 2019

    This is an amazing product! Gut health is so important and can effect your horse even when he isn't showing the most obvious signs of gastric distress. We have now given this to two of our own horses and recommended it to another person and all of the horses we have given it to have responded to it and are better horses now because of it.

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    I am so impressed with the results from the 21 Day Hind Gut Program!

    Posted by Meagan L on Jul 1st 2019

    I am so impressed with the results of the 21 day hind gut reset. I have a mare who was consistently mare-ish, sensitive to the touch, dull, hard to keep weight on and ultimately not as physically attractive as the other horses on the place. She was getting twice the attention, feed and care of any other horse and looked the worst. It was defeating to have tried so many options and not see results. I was being told that was “just her” but I didn’t believe I should settle. I knew the horse had potential to be better, look better and feel better. After completing the 21 day reset she was a different horse. I can cinch her without ear pinning, I can brush her belly without her being irritated, and she is willing to please. She has put on weight and kept it on! Thank you Stride Animal Health!

    Meagan L.

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    Hind Gut Health Program

    Posted by Clark Davis on Apr 12th 2019

    We have been searching for the right product for our event, dressage, and endurance horses for several years. We believed that we had taken care of stomach ulcers with the industry's leading paste on the market, but our horses still had symptoms of gastrointestinal issues - would not eat at shows, discomfort when girthing, tight backs, picky/non consistent eating habits, adverse reaction to leg pressure, among others. After 2 weeks of being on the Hind Gut Health Program, our horses' personalities, food habits, and approach to work changed dramatically. Each of them now eat everything in their feed tub and ask for more. They are quite on the cross ties, usually resting one hind leg while being tacked up and we are now really able to train due to better overall attitudes. We have tried multiple products over the years and this product has been the only one that we have used that makes a noticeable difference both on the ground and while riding.

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    21 day hind gut treatment

    Posted by Kaley wilkerson on Mar 17th 2019

    I had a horse we struggled with getting to bloom. He was dull and a little thin through the flanks and topline. After only only 3 weeks with this stride product he was shiney and had filled out everywhere! I would highly recommend this product !

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    My gelding no longer shows signs relating to digestive discomfort

    Posted by Barbara on Sep 10th 2018

    I purchased a lovely FEI DWB gelding. The first two summers I owned him, in the month of July, he had a bout of gas colic which landed him at New Bolton. The vets had me out him on all kinds of products, none of which worked and were also very expensive. One of my horse friends told me about Bill of Equivision, his supplement products, and how helpful he could be with digestive issues. I called Bill and we discussed my problem. He put my horse on his 30 day Hind Gut Health program. I have been on the full dose of ADR and Fish Oil Factor for over 2 years now. My gelding no longer shows signs relating to digestive discomfort. These products definitely work and I am so pleased with the results. I recommend Equivision to any of my friends that have problems with their horses where any of your products would help solve their problems!!! Barbara from Maryland

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    Miracle mix!

    Posted by Brookstone Farms on Sep 10th 2018

    After rescuing a 2-year-old SSH, who had a cough & runny nose at the time, we could not get him well. No matter what we tried, he remained sick. So we purchased the 21-Day Hind Gut Health program. It was only a matter of weeks and he was well, and by one month, he was glowing and gaining weight. It was the key to his recovery. Best I've ever used! It'll be my go-to product whenever I have a sick horse, or one who appears to be in poor health.

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    Very happy with results

    Posted by Christina on Sep 10th 2018

    I started my 13 year old performance horse on this regimen after speaking with Dr Bill, and I'm very happy with the results. She ticked almost all the boxes for a horse with hind gut issues, and despite best feed and management practices I just couldn't seem to get her feeling good. She was on the program about two weeks when I started seeing big improvements, and I continued to use it until all the product was used up. It has made such a huge difference in her demeanor, appearance and performance. I utilized Triple Crown Senior and Triple Crown Alfa-lox while on the program (and continue to use).

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    What a find!

    Posted by Vivian DeMerchant on Sep 10th 2018

    I am so glad that I discovered the 21 day hind gut health program. My horse has had some major stresses over the last couple of years. He is now 17 years old and I was beginning to believe he was getting close to his limits. I happened to attend a lecture by Dr Bill. My horse has exhibited some of the symptoms of leaky hind gut, so I decided to give to product a try. I couldn't see how it could do any harm. Within 2 days I noticed a remarkable difference in my horse. He could finally push from behind! He continues to get stronger and happier every day. I would encourage anyone to try this product!