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ADR is a blend of probiotics, prebiotics, mannanoligosaccharides, yeast cultures, beta-glycans and anti-oxidants that will help -

  • Or aid in the control of diarrhea in foals and mature horses
  • Support normal blood glucose and insulin sensitivity
  • Support normal fermentation in the horse’s large intestine
  • Support desired immune response
  • Supports desired blood IgG levels
  • Supports desired intestinal IgA levels
  • Support weight management control issues
  • Support normal health of intestinal tissue
  • Protect against inflammation of small and large intestine
  • Reduce gas production in large intestine, and
  • Stimulate appetite

ADR is available in paste or powder form. Both forms are palatable making it easy to dose foals or mature horses with the paste or add the powder to the horse’s normal daily ration.

When horses are “off feed” ADR paste can be used to effectively return normal function of the digestive tract and stimulate appetite. Foals and older horses with diarrhea should receive the paste to help control stool consistency. Horses with gas colic should receive 2 ADR paste tubes at one time to help reduce gas. Horses with hind gut inflammation or colonic ulcers should receive ADR as part of EquiVision’s Hind Gut Health Program. Horses and foals receiving antibiotics should receive ADR powder or paste to help prevent diarrhea. Horses with Metabolic Syndrome should receive ADR to help normalize blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. Underweight horses should receive ADR to optimize function of the digestive tract to help support gain weight.

ADR Powder Analysis per 40 gm (1 scoop):

Lactobacillus acidophilus

20 billion CFU’s

Enteroccus faecium

20 billion CFU’s


ADR Powder Ingredients:

Dried Lactobacillus acidophilus, dried enteroccus faecium, dried Saccharomyces fermentation soluble (soure of mannanoligosaccharides), brewer’s dried yeast, silica, beta-glycan

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    Amazing product!

    Posted by Kendra Blanchette on Sep 10th 2018

    We have both our ottb and appendix on ADR and Fish oil. Our ottb was prone to ulcers and hard to maintain her weight. We treated ulcers and placed her on equivision products. What an amazing difference. Her weight is great and her mood has changed drastically. Highly recommend both products.

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    Peace of Mind

    Posted by Sandra Rohr on Sep 10th 2018

    I've had my Horse and Pony on this for over two years. Happy digestive tracks!!! No more loose stools or occasional digestive discomfort. Just used on a 7 month old filly who injured herself and had to be on antibiotic for 7 days. She developed diarrhea after day one of antibiotics. I started giving her midday and within 24 hours she was back to normal stools. This product is GREAT!

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    Great Product!

    Posted by Heather C. on Sep 10th 2018

    My Ulcer-prone mare THRIVES on ADR powder. We recently bought a pony who is quite sensitive to climate change and ADR Powder keeps her stomach nice & happy!

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    Impressive results

    Posted by Kristin Weber on Sep 10th 2018

    I put my barrel racing mare on ADR last year for her chronic ulcers. She lives on daily omeprazole and also suffers from summer pasture associated allergy where she would develop a dry cough every August that required steroids to resolve. For the first time last summer she did not develop the cough and the only thing that changed was putting her on this product. She also has not had an ulcer flare-up either. Very pleased with the results I have seen. Thank you.

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    Incredibly Effective

    Posted by CR on Sep 10th 2018

    I put my last horse on the 21 Day Hind Gut Program and it helped heal the hind gut ulcers that a month of Ulcergard couldn't touch. My new horse came to us in fairly underweight condition and now lives on the ADR powder and Fish Oil Factor. In one month she has filled out and gotten a bloom on her coat. My horses will never be without these products. Thanks Equivision for helping keep my horses plump and happy!