Support for Bleeders

Support for Bleeders

Posted by Dr. Jyme Nichols on Mar 25th 2020

In studies of race horses, bleeding was detected in 50-60% of horses after one race. In studies where the same horses were examined after three races, almost 90% bled at least once. Deep within the … read more

Is Vitamin E Supplementation Alone Enough?

Posted by StrideAH Staff on May 1st 2019

Many horses benefit from supplemental vitamin E in order to counter act stress and the negative consequences of EPM or muscle dysfunction. However, by supplementing vitamin E only without vitamin … read more

Foal Care and Feeding

Posted by Bill Vandergrift, PhD on Mar 18th 2019

The objective of managing and caring for a newborn foal is to allow them to grow and develop into the best athlete they can be. It doesn’t matter if you’re hoping to have an international level com … read more
Calm and Focused

Calm and Focused

Posted by Jyme Nichols, PhD on Dec 4th 2018

Many talented horses never reach their full winning potential because they get too nervous. When the stakes are high and the lights are bright even the best-trained horses can get anxious, frightene … read more
Building Muscle and Topline

Building Muscle and Topline

Posted by StrideAH Staff on Oct 13th 2017

Building muscle and a strong topline in horses requires proper amino acids in the diet.Amino acids are critical to a horse’s health because they are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are … read more