What is Moving Up?

Posted by Dr. Bill Vandergrift on Nov 25th 2020

What is Moving Up?

What is Moving Up?

Is your horse missing the winners circle by a hair? Does it seem like he or she needs just a little extra “something” to move to that next level? Whether your horse is clearing jumps, running the cloverleaf pattern, or racing nose to nose down the final stretch, Moving Up may be the extra “something” you have been looking for.

Improving Muscle Stamina

Moving Up is formulated with researched-based and clinically-proven ingredients to support muscle strength and stamina during exercise. Moving Up goes beyond basic nutrition by tapping into the horse at the cellular level. By enhancing metabolite production, muscle cells can withstand more exertion during exercise – and this can mean the difference between win or lose.

Moving Up is unique because it also contains technologies to help your horse focus on the task at hand, especially during training sessions. This allows you to work as a team to make quicker advancements in overall compliance and performance – hence the name “Moving Up”!

Tying-Up Episodes

Moving Up may be a game changer for horses suffering from episodes of tying-up.“In addition to supporting optimal muscle health in normal horses, real-world experience using Moving Up with PSSM and RER horses has been very positive in regard to reducing muscle soreness and episodes of tying-up during exercise,” explains Dr. Bill Vandergrift, formulator of Moving Up.

Immune Strength

Showing and performing takes its toll on the horse’s immune system. When the immune system is not functioning at full capacity, your horse’s performance ability is the first area to suffer. By the time horse owners notice visual symptoms of a suppressed immune system the horse is already at an extreme disadvantage; so it is paramount to provide preventative support even when all appears well from the outside. For this reason, Moving Up was built with peptides and powerful antioxidants which support your horse’s ability to resist normal daily stressors from travel and performance.

Directions for Use

Moving Up is completely show safe and can be used in any equestrian activity, including FEI events. Begin by feeding 40 grams per day and adjusting as desired after 10 – 14 days.

To achieve the full benefit of Moving Up it should be fed daily for approximately 2 weeks while exercising your horse. This time-period is needed to activate specific enzymes in muscle cells which are responsible for generating energy metabolites. The level of muscle strength and stamina supported by Moving Up is dose dependent, therefore the amount of Moving Up fed to your horse may need to be adjusted up or down depending upon your horse’s response and your desired level of performance.