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High Fat, Omega-3 Supplement Containing EPA, DHA & ALA


Fish Oil Factor provides dietary essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acid) and non-dietary essential fatty acids (EPA & DHA found in fish oil). This formula provides a critical balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids designed to:

  1. Supply essential fatty acids for a soft, silky, shiny and healthy coat.
  2. Maintain pliability and hoof moisture.
  3. Ideal for breeding stallions, pregnant mares, growing horses, and performance horses.

 Key Ingredients:

  • EPA (Omega 3)
  • DHA (Omega 3)
  • ALA (Omega 3)
  • Antioxidants
  • Flax Seed
  • Rice Bran

1 scoop = 25 g


(22 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Fish oil factor

    Posted by Hilary LoBue on Dec 20th 2019

    LOVE it , my horses are all shining and dappled. Hooves are growing and harder as well.

  • 5
    Fish Oil Factor

    Posted by Sheri B on Sep 23rd 2019

    Wow! By far one of the best sources of Omega 3's! I first used this product as part of the 21 Day Hind Gut Repair program and could not be more impressed with the results! Coat/hair and hooves are better than they have ever been and my older barrel horse is overall much happier acting besides looking and running great!

  • 5
    Amazing Product

    Posted by Kendra Blanchette on Aug 27th 2019

    We have both our ottb and appendix on ADR and Fish oil. Our ottb was prone to ulcers and hard to maintain her weight. We treated ulcers and placed her on Stride products. What an amazing difference. Her weight is great and her mood has changed drastically. Highly recommend both products.

  • 5
    Fish Oil Factor

    Posted by Kay-Jay on Jul 3rd 2019

    This has been the only supplement to help combat seasonal and bug allergies!!

  • 5
    Fish Oil Factor and Stallion Fertility Count

    Posted by Christian Shipley on May 24th 2019

    I have to brag on this Stride Animal Health Supplement. Not only does it make your horse LOOK AMAZING but if you are like me and breed stallions to several mares every breeding season I highly recommend it! We never really have had an issue with a count on Flinginwithastripper, but since starting him on Fish Oil Factor his count has been well between 240-370 per million per ML consistently and over 70% motility! Today his collection was 240 with 72% motility and 55ML giving us enough QUALITY to breed 11 mares!

  • 5

    Posted by Kristin brewer on Mar 11th 2019

    I decided to try this on an older gelding we where having problems getting that little bit of weight back on he had lost over last winter. He finally filled out a bit, better tip line, and he is moving around a little bit better.

  • 5
    Pleasantly surprised

    Posted by TJ on Feb 14th 2019

    I ordered this at the recommendation of a feed manufacturer who was unable to sell me a specialized feed due to its unavailability in my geographic area. I originally agreed to try it to help prevent potential joint deterioration in my Thoroughbred. Not only has it performed splendidly in that area, but his notoriously bad feet have also improved dramatically along with a beautiful shiny coat. I wish I had found this sooner! Definitely amazing stuff!

  • 5
    A product to believe in

    Posted by Kim Kerschl on Sep 10th 2018

    I take fish oil myself and know how much better my joints feel so when I got a thoroughbred rescue who was in dire need of love and attention, I contemplated the best supplements to start with. I researched fish oils and thought this product looked great. I was right. My dull coated old looking gelding picked right up and along with great feed and hay looks amazing. I keep him and all my horses on fish oil because I know it's doing even more good things I can't even see. Thanks equivision for a terrific product.

  • 5
    Rescue horses

    Posted by Sandy on Sep 10th 2018

    My husband and I have 9 horses most of which are rescues. Every horse we get is immediately started on Fish Oil Factor. It is my secret weapon. No matter how thin and poor the horse is, we see results within a couple of weeks. Their poor coat starts to shed and the shine comes back. They just start to look healthy. I love this stuff. If I could only buy one Equivision product, it would be the Fish Oil Factor hands down!