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GASTRO pHix® is a pelleted supplement recommended to support normal pH of the horse's stomach, plus soothe and support normal health of tissues which line the stomach and small intestine. GASTRO pHix® provides the following unique benefits:

  1. Helps maintain normal stomach pH.
  2. Supports occasional gastric distress.
  3. Supports the protective lining of the foregut.
  4. Supports normal mucous production by the intestinal tract.
  5. Helps maintain healthy intestinal cells.
  6. Helps maintain strong bones.


  • Proprietary Blend of [Sodium Bicarbonate, Deglycyrrhized Licorice, Chromium, Slippery Elm, Fenugreek  Seed, L-Glutamine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine]...40.0 g
  • Lithothamnion (Red algae)...20.0 g
  • Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS)...11.4 g
  • Flax Seed...11.4 g
  • Magnesium Oxide...2.3 g
  • ButiPearl Z EQ® (butyric acid, zinc oxide)...2.3 g


Alfalfa Meal, Anise, Soybean Hulls, Vegetable Oil, Wheat Middlings,

CAUTIONS: If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product. Absorption of drugs taken simultaneously may be delayed.

FOR USE IN HORSES ONLY: Recommended to support normal pH of the horse's stomach, and soothe and support normal health of tissues which line the stomach and small intestine.


  • Daily Use: Administer 1 heaping scoop twice daily.
  • Travel & Extreme Conditions: May administer 1 scoop every 3 to 4 hours, or 2 lb twice daily.

WARNINGS: Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. This product should not be given to animals intended for human consumption.

 Net Contents: 44 lb (20 kg)


(12 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Gastro PHIX

    Posted by toni shaw on Feb 4th 2021

    I have only been using Gastro pHix for 30 days on my horse that was showing signs of ulcers and abdominal pain. He has made a complete turn around in 30 days! I can’t wait to continue this product and try it on all my horses. Thank you Stride for all your hard work!

  • 4
    Gastro pHix

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 28th 2021

    After listening to a podcast with Dr. Jyme Nichols, I decided to try it. I have not been feeding it that long, but my horses really like it, and the horse I was the most concerned about is now cleaning up her feed much faster! I am hopeful this will carry over to her performance.

  • 3
    Picky eater

    Posted by Christie Graff on Jan 21st 2021

    I was very excited to try this product on my mare that is being treated for stomach ulcers. She will eat every other Stride product but not this one. I tried every trick in the bag to alter the taste and smell of it but nothing has worked. Anything you can do to increase palatability would be very helpful since my mare really needs this product.