Several nutritional programs have been developed to make it easy for you to provide your horse with the proper nutritional aids for specific conditions. These programs are packaged in convenient-to-carry boxes and include easy-to-follow day-by-day feeding guidelines. Each program contains two or more products per box designed to achieve very specific goals for your horse’s overall health and performance. The products that are contained in the various programs cannot be combined into one single product due to the fact that many of them are highly reactive and will lose their effectiveness over time when blended with other products. The high reactivity of these products is one of the very things that makes them so effective.

If your horse has a nutritional need that you do not see a program for on the list below, please contact us and we will be happy to put a custom program together to address the specific needs of your horse.


21-Day Hindgut Health Program

The fastest and most effective way to improve your horse’s intestinal health and function.


A 21-day program to:

  1. Re-set your horse’s hind gut fermentation and pH
  2. Support your horse’s desired intestinal immune response
  3. Provide anti-inflammatory activity for the intestine

In just 21 days or less use the Hind Gut Health Program to:

  • Improve your horse’s attitude towards work
  • Support normal digestive function in horses with a history of chronic colic
  • Support normal consistency of your horse’s manure
  • Improve your horse’s ability to maintain desired body condition
  • Support normal insulin sensitivity
  • Support your horse’s desired energy level and stamina
  • Improve your horse’s lateral flexion (a horse with an inflamed intestine cannot flex freely)

The Hind Gut Health Program comes conveniently pre-packaged in an easy to carry box with a daily checklist to help you feed or dose the correct product in the correct amount to achieve optimal effectiveness.

The Hind Gut Health Program includes ADR Paste, ADR Powder and Fish Oil Factor.

Note: Many horses will exhibit gastric ulcers and intestinal inflammation concurrently. Medications for gastric and/or intestinal ulcers such as Gastrogard™, misoprostol and sucralfate can be used in combination with the Hind Gut Health Program. Horses that show improvement while receiving gastric ulcer medication but revert quickly when gastric ulcer medication is stopped usually have large intestine inflammation and should receive the Hind Gut Health Program.

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Hoof Health Program


A daily program to:

  1. Support the fastest rate of hoof growth that is normal for the horse
  2. Support desired hoof quality
  3. Support desired health and strength of ligaments and tendons of the foot and leg
  4. Provide all necessary minerals and vitamins to support your horse’s normal overall health

Use the Hoof Health Program to:

  • Support hoof health and growth during and/or after laminitis
  • Support desired healing time of strained tendons or ligaments
  • Support the fastest hoof wall growth possible for the horse following hoof wall re-section or injury
  • Support desired hoof growth and quality when treating quarter cracks

The Hoof Health Program includes Nutrimix Plus, Fish Oil Factor and Surge.

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Immune Health Program

A daily program to help your horse re-establish normal function of his or her immune system.


Your horse’s immune system can either be underactive, overactive or normal. Many horses that develop skin problems related to allergens such as fungus, insect bites, foodborne allergies and other environmental agents do so as a result of an immune system that is not functioning correctly. Approximately 60% - 70% of your horse’s immune system is found in the intestine, therefore, supporting the immune function of intestinal cells is the foundation of supporting normal immune function throughout your horse’s body.

Horses receiving the Immune Health Program have:

  • Been able to discontinue allergy shots
  • Desired resistance towards skin disorders such as rain rot or Florida sores
  • Demonstrated reduced sensitivity to developing hives as a result of foodborne, insect or environmental allergies

The Immune Health Program includes ADR Paste, ADR Powder, Fish Oil Factor to support intestinal immunity and E/C to support cellular immunity.

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Travel Ready Program – COMING SOON!

A short-term daily program conveniently boxed to help prepare your horse cope with the stress of transportation, showing, performance or sales.

Many horses display colic symptoms after being transported, especially when the trip is long and under hot and humid conditions, due to mild dehydration and emotional stress. Many emotionally sensitive horses will also exhibit poor performance or even colic at shows or sales due to intestinal distress and/or inadequate hydration or food intake.

The Travel Ready Program:

  • Supports desired water consumption
  • Helps to maintain hydration of the intestine even when your horse’s water intake is reduced as it is during transportation
  • Supports normal function of the digestive system
  • Helps to maintain your horse’s normal appetite during stressful conditions
  • Supports normal cellular immunity to reduce the effects of stress on performance, attitude, and appetite

Travel Ready Program includes TurboMag BCAA to support desired water intake and intestinal hydration, ADR to support the normal function of the digestive tract and maintain appetite and E/C to support normal cellular immunity and stress resistance.

Other Programs

Bone Fractures, OCD’s, Neurological Conditions, Metabolic Syndrome, Tying Up, and Others (please contact us with the specific situation of your horse and we will help design a nutritional program to address it).