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A Metabolic pH Balancer for Horses. 


Turbo Mag is a quick absorbing oral electrolyte for animals dealing with summer heat, hard work, training and physical activity. Turbo Mag provides the following unique benefits:

  1. Helps maintain proper metabolic pH.
  2. Helps support hydration levels.
  3. Replaces lost electrolytes.
  4. Helps maintain normal fluid balance in blood and tissues.
  5. Helps maintain normal concentration of minerals.
  6. Helps maintain proper body composition.
  7. Helps muscle function and fluid balance.
  8. Helps replace fluid lost through sweat.
  9. Supports healthy cellular activity.

 Key Ingredients:

  • Electrolytes
  • Antioxidants
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids

1 scoop = 50 g


(16 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Newt Loves Turbo Mag!

    Posted by Kristen Morrison on Sep 20th 2020

    I have a horse with a history of tying up. I barrel race on him and my husband works cattle on him. Since adding Turbo Mag to his grain (1/2 scoop twice daily) we have not had an issue of tying up!! Just stocked up on the awesome BOGO sale going on right now!!! Thank you Stride Animal Health for helping keep my boy healthy & happy!!!

  • 5
    Turbo Mag

    Posted by Sheri B on Feb 13th 2020

    Super impressed with how fast my horses water intake increased! Our winter finally hit with blizzard conditions and I have see a noticeable difference in the horses drinking more water!

  • 5
    Absolutely LOVE this product

    Posted by Amy on Nov 21st 2019

    I feed the Turbo-Mag BCAA to my barrel horse and love it!! I feel it helps him feel amazing, recover faster and drinks very well on the road and under stressful situations. I would recommend this product to everyone no matter their situation!!

  • 5
    Love this product!

    Posted by Shilee Ballard on Oct 24th 2019

    My mare does great on it!

  • 5
    Love this product!

    Posted by Shilee Ballard on Jul 15th 2019

    Ive not only got my customers on this product but my personal Barrel mare is doing amazing on it! It keeps her hydrated and its helped with her hormone levels.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Debra Faraone on Jun 22nd 2019

    We live in South Carolina and this product is a life safer for my horse who is showing and training.

  • 5
    2 yr olds in training

    Posted by John Skinner on Sep 10th 2018

    "Our two yearling thoroughbred fillies started on Fish Oil Factor and Turbo Mag in October and now they are 2 yr olds in training. We are extremely pleased with their progress moving forward and will continue with your products as they prepare for racing later this year. Our fillies are two of the most talked about horses at the training center.